Put WHAT in WHERE?!? What are Erotic Enemas?

An Intro to Erotic Enemas

sexy schoolgirl in suspension bondage

A sexy, tender moment in an enema…

Something is fundamentally different about erotic enemas from various other “kinky” erotic activities that I’ve discussed in past blogs, such as bondage or spanking… Whereas EVERYONE has some concept about things like bondage and spanking, an awful lot of people are completely CLUELESS about Erotic Enemas.

Well, not toooo long ago, I belonged to that clueless crowd myself :blush:

I had a vague concept about enemas as “something to do on a utilitarian basis for constipation”, or at most as a preliminary cleanup for Anal Sex…

My perception of many things changed quite radically when I started working as a model for a BDSM film studio, as detailed in a past blog entry. One such big change turned out to be, very unexpectedly, my understanding of what Erotic Enemas are – or even the fact that such a thing exists!

To my surprise, I kind of liked enemas right away… And then they progressively grew on me even more.

Perhaps even more surprising to me has been the sheer numbers of other girls who start with immense skepticism about enemas – and then, bang, BIG ORGASM, mid-enema!! It happens semi-predictably in a LARGE, LARGE NUMBER OF CASES, in the films we shoot, in pre-film enemas, in “enema tests”, and in personal play…


So, WHAT are Erotic Enemas, then?

They can be simple or crazyass complex (no pun intended, hehe.) A simple enema bag while lying on the bed, or some monster inflatable nozzle while tied up in some impossible position.

The fantasy (or role-play) behind Erotic Enemas can be minimal, or it typically can be medical, or punishment, or submission/surrender, or simply pleasure. Yes, you heard right: PLEASURE!

Contrary to popular imagination, Enemas can be a tool of Pleasure, when done right. In fact, more than that, there are a very effective Pleasure Tool, even in people who don’t have any interest in them. And, yes, in women, too. You don’t need a prostrate to derive pleasure from enemas! Remember all those girls having orgasms I mentioned a few paragraphs ago? πŸ˜‰ I’m talking about scores and scores of them!

I might summarize Erotic Enemas as “a powerful new erogenous zone”.

Even in people who have no fetishistic interest in enemas.

Even in people who aren’t into anal sexuality.

Heck, even in people who are scared shitless of enemas! Pardon the pun πŸ™‚

Speaking of “shit”, that’s one thing that Erotic Enemas are NOT about. Counter-intuitive, I know. But, unless you happen to be a scat fetishist, then fecal matter has no direct connection to erotic enemas.


What’s an Erotic Enema “done right”?

Erotic Enemas “done right” involve relaxation, lube, masturbation, pacing, an enema device (a simple bag works great), and above all a comforting giver (possibly oneself). For details, techniques and safety matters, let me refer you to a great Enema 101 How-To Guide, expertly written by the BDSM studio I work for.

When the enema is done right, typically there’s no pain nor discomfort – and the feeling is very stimulating! Add good masturbation, and a great orgasm is almost guaranteed πŸ™‚ Did I say an orgasm? If you’re a girl, change that to many!

The Director of the BDSM video & photo company where I now work as a webmistress, tells me that one of his favorite elements in taking the “enema cherry” (as he likes to put it!) is the “doe-eyed expression” of that girl afterwards – as if to say, “How is it possible that I just had a Big Orgasm? I had said earlier that I don’t even like anal play, and I had also said that I thought enemas were just a ‘weird concept’!”

Well, guess what – one of those girls was me πŸ™‚

I thought it was something about me… Until I saw girl after girl having virtually identical reactions. Of course, not everyone turns out be an enema lover – but my point is that surprisingly large numbers of people do.

It turns out that Enema scenes are very popular with our audience. In fact, part of our “Erotic Information Management” mission has led us to create a whole family of special filters to extract all enemas scenes from all our videos, as well as even more specialized filters for Pleasure Enemas, Enemas With Bondage, Enemas Without Bondage, etc, etc.

Those scenes are very intimate and powerful; so, their popularity isn’t surprising. What is surprising is how many people – including myself in the past – are so much in the dark about a very powerful erotic tool that essentially amounts to a whole new Erogenous zone. Most of our models are first-timers; so, we have to do a lot of education.

Well, discovering a whole new Erogenous zone is a very worthwhile discovery, in my book!! πŸ™‚

45 thoughts on “Put WHAT in WHERE?!? What are Erotic Enemas?

  1. night owl says:

    I discovered while prepping for anal sex that the full feeling of a cleansing enema (not a purging one) is quite pleasant. Haven’t ventured into it as sexual play, yet.

    • nympha says:

      night owl, i think you’re already 90% there! Just add a vibrator, and you’ll be “sailing full speed ahead” πŸ˜€

    • AquaMan says:

      Just how do YOU differentiate between a purging enema and a cleansing enema? I have been giving, receiving and researching enemas for decades and have never heard anyone make this distinction.

  2. Butterfly Joy says:

    I did it to myself years ago (without any real equipment) before I had any clue what BDSM was. I LOVED IT SO MUCH.

  3. I love giving Enema’s prior to any ass play, I have a fixation with both the pussy and the ass, so at times I just enjoy fingering both. It also makes ATM much cleaner.
    My slave says it makes her feel submissive as well.

    • nympha says:

      Totally! Enemas are great to heighten that “submissive feel”… Though I’ve known plenty of Doms who also love receiving enemas themselves πŸ™‚

      As far as the simultaneous pussy+ass fingering, the director of the studio where I work likes to refer to that as the “prong” position – in other words, the girl is the “outlet”, haha!

      And excellent idea to do an enema before ATM, unless you’re into scat play πŸ˜‰ (for those who might not know, ATM means “Ass-To-Mouth”)

  4. kandysparks says:

    A very interesting and informative article, thanks.

  5. severin says:

    I’m very curious as to whether I (a boy) would ever derive any pleasure from enemas.
    So if your studio ever needs a curious boy to use,
    let me know. These days, I’m game to try most things.
    sev xx

    • nympha says:

      severin, guys usually like to receive anal stimulation even more than girls, because of their prostate gland contributes to their pleasure. You might consider learning a bit more and trying it yourself:

    • Fred says:

      I’m male and yes, I most certainly do derive pleasure from an enema, although I haven’t had one specifically done as an erotic enema. These are administered by my Goddess before anal play and I’m not allowed ‘normal’ orgasms with her anyway, although I think I will send her a link to this article. We certainly use the enemas as more than just ‘prep work’ anyway, and absolutely incorporate them into our BDSM play. (It very much heightens the submissive sensation to suck on her toes as I’m kneeling on the bathroom floor holding in that water.)

      Good article!

      • nympha says:

        Thanks Fred!

        I LOVE your method of “kneeling on the bathroom floor holding the water” while you suck your Goddess’ toes πŸ™‚

        We have used a similar concept in some of the films we shoot at the BDSM studio where I work: scenes where the girl holds her enema water while performing a blow job, either sitting on the toilet or kneeling on the floor, for example in this film.

  6. Wow, thanks for sharing! I have always wanted to try enemas, but I was scared it would become messy and gross and just plain unpleasant. I mean, I once had a Klysma done for severe obstipation and it was just disgusting, it started pouring out and stuff and I couldn’t control it, sat on the toilet for hours…
    I hope that I can get my partner so far to “do it right” because you sure make it sound delightful!

    • nympha says:

      quantumphysica, you’re welcome! πŸ™‚

      The psychology of the experience is paramount: if you had that enema because you weren’t feeling well, then in all likelihood you weren’t thinking erotic thoughts… And you probably weren’t being masturbated, either!

      The part about the “control” is important, too. If you were in the frame of mind of “getting back in control of your health”, then you probably had a desire to “be in control” – and the uncontrollable toilet expulsion was an annoyance.

      By contrast, if you’re in an erotic frame of mind – with the right technique and partner – then the “relinquishing of control” can be (and often is) part of the erotic experience.

      As far as “sat on the toilet for hours”, that’s very unusual. It most likely had something to do with the digestive problems you were heaving. A more typical time is maybe 10 minutes, possibly followed by another similar round or two within the coming hour. So, don’t do enemas just before you need to go on a road trip! πŸ˜›

      Most people have orgasms during the enema itself, or during the initial expulsion though a little funnel or nozzle into a bucket – while still comfortably positioned and continuing the masturbation.

      Going to the toilet tends to interrupt the rhythm, and people are much less likely to cum there. However, the seated position works well to give a blow job to your partner! (or eat her pussy.)

      The studio where I work has produced a training video: How to Give an Enema, Vol. 1 (Basic Enemas) πŸ™‚

  7. You’ve been nominated! (Because you’re awesome! And also because I showed Himself this post and he said, “Hmmm, we haven’t done THAT for awhile….I think we should. Soon.” πŸ˜‰ )


    The Fabulous Gutter Blogger Rules of Acceptance:

    Thank the person who nominated you. (Written thanks, kisses, oral sex, all of the above – whatever seems appropriate.)
    Link back to their blog in your post.
    Post the image of the Award on your blog.
    Copy and answer the six questions from their blog post.
    Nominate nine bloggers, link to them and let them know they’ve been nominated.

    • nympha says:

      Thanks deviant wench! ❀
      Glad to have been of inspiration to you and your husband πŸ˜‰ Feel free to post tidbits from your enema adventures in these comments…

      I'll try to follow the “Fabulous Gutter Blogger Award” tradition as soon as I have a free moment (hah!)

  8. The Cave Man says:

    Very well-written article, Nympha. I’ll certainly have to start following your blog.

    Kind regards,

    The Cave Man

  9. bottieliner says:

    Did you know that enemas were invented by apothecaries (pharmacists) as cough-suppressants for people attending chamber music recitals? It would go something like this …

    “Excuse me, my lady, that’s a particularly nasty cough you have the misfortune to have contracted. We wouldn’t want to upset others at the concert now, would we? As it happens our patron is also an apothecary and by an amazing coincidence he has today showed me something that I am sure would help you. If you’d like to step this way, my lady.”

    A short time later the lady would emerge from an inconspicuous doorway close to the auditorium. Red-faced and tight-lipped she would carefully deposit herself in her allocated seat. And an appreciative audience considered it to be a miracle of medicine that not a single cough did she utter during the entire performance. Something to keep in mind when some inconsiderate person starts spluttering during a particularly tense scene in a movie …

    “Wanna know something that’d make you too f****** scared to cough!”

      • bottieliner says:

        Timely advice from the Royal College of Surgeons:

        “Laughers should be aware that re-attaching an ass that has been laughed-off is an operation fraught with difficulty. Success rates are very low, due largely to the difficulty of determining the original orientation of the ass. Which way is up? An ass that has been rotated 180-degrees from its correct position will tend to excrete upwards, instead of down. This is both annoying and messy. Therapy consists of the patient learning the technique of parabolic excretion.”

        Although none of the staff at “You’ve Heard It Now” had suffered a botched re-attachment operation we were all curious about the notion of parabolic shitting. Could it be learned? To simulate an inverted ass we did hand-stands while balancing against a wall and attempting to deposit our load into a potty placed at various distances.

        Accuracy is not easily achieved, believe me! Accompanied by exhortations to “Push harder!” and cries of “You’re over-shooting!” punctuated by the occasional angry “Geez! That nearly hit me!” the scene soon resembled the Battle of Waterypoo [Waterloo]. Finally, overcome by exhaustion or by laughing ourselves shitless, we abandoned the experiment. After some hurried consultation with each other we agreed that the office of “You’ve Heard It Now” should issue the following urgent advice:

        “If you feel inclined toward laughter first ensure that your ass is fully secured. Do this by turning your belly-button either clockwise or anti-clockwise until it will turn no further. Do not over-tighten. Check frequently.”

        This office also recommends having your ass tattooed with an upward-pointing arrow and the directions ‘This way up.’

      • nympha says:

        KINKY!!! πŸ˜›

  10. phil says:

    Thats why enamas are very sweet! Being bound. An filled an paddled. Makein it more intence to the point of leaking out

  11. patrick allen says:

    can i give u enema???

  12. ROME says:

    I would love to have someone who does this well, pop my enima cherry properly!

  13. Nympha,
    I am writing a story about sensual enema use. May I have permission to link your experience?

  14. It is tentatively titled; Irresistible Orgasms: Java injection and more, reveal their secret benefit!

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